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by Platform Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


Hide details for Networking & DialupNetworking & Dialup
MDRS6JMPEUIt was possible for a session close to happen in the middle of certain networking operations, causing the client to crash with an access violation. ...
Hide details for Roaming UserRoaming User
WTON8AFT5BFixed the breakage of mail conversation threads when a roaming user is upgraded to 8.5x. Removed the $PrefOpenViewThreads item from the roaming...
PJOK7K2KPMCorrected an issue with roaming recent contacts. Before this fix, recent contacts could get lost or removed in a roaming installation due to the DIP...
LKIM87CSTTFix does not display a warning when the roaming client switches to use the ID file from the ID vault on the server.
Hide details for RSS Feed ReaderRSS Feed Reader
MCHZ7BZUZFImproved the Feed Reader shortcut to add a Feed directly from a web page. It now supports adding links from the embedded browser that are...
Hide details for SametimeSametime
CAML84XS27Resolved potential Notes client crash when dragging a URL from the Sametime chat transcript area to the text entry field on chat...
JIMS8HNMFMFixed Sametime awareness issues for Lotus Connections not working for some users. On failing machines, when a user navigates to Profiles, hovers over...
HZWG8F63UTResolved an install issue reported in 8.5.2 FP1 in the Client when trying to embed Sametime.
JPAS8FXQ5ESametime P2P File Transfer nows shows an error message when there's a network problem and connection cannot be maintained.
AJMA8K7MBBFixed regression from 8.5.2 FP3 where Sametime awareness in various views and forms (such as the inbox) are not working in Notes 8.5.2...
Hide details for SearchSearch
JSTN8BBNTXFix resolves a regression since 8.0 where Full-text indexing does not assign the correct timestamp for creation date for imported SMTP...
Hide details for SecuritySecurity
ACHG8FHFS3 Fixed an issue where users see secure mail operations, if they have Notes ID in their mailfile, when iNotes Secure Mail is Disabled in the Server...
HSAO8BFT2EFix a Domino server crash that could occur when editing Admin ECL from People - Policies view.
ALAS8MSSGUResolves an issue with basic authentication in iNotes that would leave user authenticated even after clicking 'Log Out'. Regression since 8.5.2...
Hide details for ServerServer
MIAS8CSTMMFixed an issue where BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server) would PANIC converting documents that contain corrupted, missing or fragmented .bmp image...
FJAD8HSDEXPrevious releases contained a bug wherein multiple rapid calls to get the System Timer would return incorrectly advanced times for the later calls....
HARL8ASEP5Updates to the NAB can cause groups to refresh the NLCache and result in high memory usage. This fix reduces the memory impact on the view and...
OFFI8HSP4RFixed a crash related on a Domino Blackberry server: NBES crash due to invalid transaction below ClientDbModifiedTimeByName.
OFFI8CVPQNFix resolves a Domino Server crash in ActLogSession with PANIC: OSVBlockAddr: Bad VBlock handle.
JCUS8JHRVJFix resolves a Domino Database replication issue around memory usage, which previously caused replication of databases to take more than 2...
KHAN89KMH4Fix resolves an issue where the Domino server can get into a crash-loop where it tries to take a checkpoint on startup, but cannotvdue to the...
MVEO8JXQLNResolved HTTP crashes in a situation involving clustered Domino servers caused by iNotes Client.
TLAM8JZNMNResolved Domino Server crash on nIMAP ResponseProcess shortly after upgrading to Domino 8.5.2FP3.


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